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Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema

Folksonomy: A system of classification derived from the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to annotate and categorize content; this practice is also known as collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging. Coined by Thomas Vander Wal, it is a portmanteau of folk and taxonomy.

Folkscanomy: A collection of books and text derived from the efforts of volunteers to make information as widely available as possible. Because the metadata related to these scanned books are often done outside the library or cataloging industries, finding material can be more difficult. The Folkscanomy collection attempts to add a layer of classification for easier navigation.

This collection is Folkscanomy Cinema.


Folkscanomy: A Library of Books
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TOPIC atoz
film 85
films 62
cinema 51
american 21
hollywood 19
motion picture 18
movie 12
film industry 11
american film 10
cultural 10
camera 9
image 9
narrative 8
british film 7
film festival 6
filmmakers 6
french 6
historical 6
movies 6
scene 6
actors 5
american cinema 5
art 5
cinematic 5
classical hollywood 5
genre 5
images 5
los angeles 5
shot 5
silent film 5
sound 5
visual 5
aesthetic 4
big picture 4
color 4
directed 4
editing 4
encyclopedia 4
film noir 4
film theory 4
french film 4
german 4
german cinema 4
godard 4
human 4
indian 4
production 4
recommended viewing 4
schirmer 4
schirmer encyclopedia 4
silent 4
theater 4
war 4
young man 4
actor 3
african american 3
australian film 3
box office 3
case study 3
civil war 3
contemporary 3
culture 3
digital 3
directors 3
documentary 3
dramatic 3
festival 3
film critics 3
film production 3
film studies 3
french cinema 3
german film 3
hindi 3
history 3
hong kong 3
human beings 3
international film 3
isbn 3
italian 3
les 3
moving picture 3
music 3
noir 3
philosophical 3
picture 3
screen 3
script 3
studio 3
takes place 3
theory 3
university 3
african 2
american independent 2
anderson 2
animation 2
art cinema 2
art form 2
artistic 2
audience 2
australian 2
australian cinema 2
bicycle thief 2
british cinema 2
carlo 2
chapter 2
characters 2
chien andalou 2
cinema verite 2
classical 2
cold war 2
creative 2
crime films 2
director 2
documentary film 2
dvd 2
eastwood 2
female 2
female body 2
film comment 2
film music 2
film posters 2
fistful 2
guide 2
herzog 2
high noon 2
hindi film 2
horror films 2
india 2
indian cinema 2
industry 2
international 2
interview 2
italian cinema 2
italian film 2
italian films 2
japanese 2
japanese film 2
july 2
leone 2
lone star 2
minutes starring 2
musical 2
narration 2
national 2
national cinema 2
national film 2
national identity 2
orson welles 2
paramount pictures 2
popular 2
popular culture 2
poster 2
reality 2
renoir 2
san francisco 2
san miguel 2
saving private 2
science fiction 2
series 2
sexual 2
sound track 2
soviet 2
soviet cinema 2
spiritual 2
star wars 2
steven spielberg 2
story 2
surrealist 2
thin red 2
transnational 2
une femme 2
united artists 2
violence 2
violent 2
visual culture 2
warner bros 2
werner 2
werner herzog 2
western 2
westerns 2
xxi 2
young men 2
abandonment 1
aboriginal 1
abraham lincoln 1
academy award 1
actress 1
adachi 1
adachi masao 1
adaptation 1
adaptations 1
adobe photoshop 1
adorno 1
advanced study 1
adventure starring 1
adventures 1
afi seminar 1
age group 1
agent smith 1
agnes guillemot 1
English 99
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Date Published
Andrei Tarkovsky - Sculpting In Time
Topics: film, cinema, art, artist, artistic, image, audience, spiritual, scene, aesthetic, artistic image,...
Bazin Andre - What Is Cinema Volume 1
Topics: cinema, theater, film, aesthetic, montage, films, image, bresson, screen, realism, filmed theater,...
Visionary Film - The American AvantGarde
Topics: film, films, visionary, images, brakhage, camera, image, cinema, color, shots, visionary film, dog...
Studying Contemporary American Film - A Guide To Movie Analysis - Thomas Elsaesser & Warren Buckl
Topics: film, narrative, analysis, scene, classical, contemporary, shot, hollywood, films, american,...
From Caligari to Hitler - A Psychological History Of German Film - Siegfried Kracauer
Topics: film, films, german, nazi, screen, von, ufa, postwar, propaganda, modern art, postwar period,...
International Dictionary of Film and Filmmakers Volume 3 - Actors And Actresses
Topics: film, films, actors, interview, edition, actor, debut, role, roles, actress, film debut, current...
Bazin Andre - What Is Cinema Volume 2
Topics: film, cinema, aesthetic, italian, verdoux, chaplin, films, reality, sica, bazin, monsieur verdoux,...
Encyclopedia Of Film Schirmer Vol 3 - Independent Film - Road Movies
Topics: film, films, cinema, hollywood, schirmer, encyclopedia, production, american, studio, narrative,...
Encyclopedia Of Film Schirmer Vol 2 - Criticism To Ideology
Topics: film, films, cinema, hollywood, schirmer, encyclopedia, american, genre, movies, filmmakers,...
Encyclopedia Of Film Schirmer Vol 1 - Academy Awards to Crime Films
Topics: film, films, cinema, schirmer, encyclopedia, american, hollywood, camera, actors, african, schirmer...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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Marilyn Monroe and the Camera
Topics: marilyn, monroe, norma, film, jeane, publicity, photographer, directed, filming, shooting, marilyn...
Herzog on Herzog edited by Paul Cronin
Topics: film, herzog, werner, films, kaspar, german, kinski, bruno, shot, assistant, werner herzog, herzog...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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The Matrix in Theory
Topics: matrix, virtual, neo, trilogy, film, cultural, reality, posthuman, philosophical, theory, matrix...
The Revolution In Cinematography Post Production And Distribution - Brian Mckernan
Topics: digital, film, cinema, color, movie, image, images, camera, compression, postproduction, digital...
A New Guide to Italian Cinema - Carlo Celli
Topics: italian, film, cinema, films, italy, fascist, carlo, del, neorealist, mario, italian cinema,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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French Cinema - A Students Guide
Topics: french, cinema, film, films, les, hire, monsieur, sequence, guide, des, french cinema, french...
The Last Great American Picture Show - New Hollywood Cinema in the 1970s - Thomas Elsaesser
Topics: film, american, hollywood, films, cinema, movies, movie, hellman, picture, genre, great american,...
Studies in South Asian Film and Media - Volume 1 Issue 1
Topics: film, indian, bollywood, hindi, cinema, india, animation, tibet, cultural, tibetan, south asian,...
Crime Films Genres In American Cinema - Thomas Leitch
Topics: film, crime, films, noir, detective, gangster, hollywood, genre, criminal, cis, crime films, film...
Hollywoods West - The American Frontier In Film Television and History
Topics: western, american, film, westerns, lone, films, historical, frontier, native, hollywood, lone...
Probert Encyclopaedia Of Films And Characters Of The Cinema
Topics: born, died, american, starring, directed, story, films, probert, encyclopaedia, characters, probert...
Encyclopedia Of Film Schirmer Vol 4 - Romantic Comedy - Yugoslavia
Topics: film, films, cinema, schirmer, encyclopedia, hollywood, university, american, war, movie, schirmer...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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Fifty Contemporary Filmmakers
Topics: film, films, cinema, hollywood, narrative, zhang, american, contemporary, cinematic, filmmakers,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
eye 1,284
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Writing The Short Film
Topics: character, film, short, story, peach, main, scarlet, plot, dramatic, narrative, short film, main...
Classical Film Violence - Designing and Regulating Brutality in Hollywood Cinema 1930-1968
Topics: violence, film, pca, filmmakers, films, scene, classical, screen, code, violent, film violence,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
eye 1,259
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The International Movie Industry
Topics: film, films, cinema, african, movie, production, american, hollywood, industry, international, film...
A Critical Cinema - Interviews With Independent Filmmakers
Topics: film, films, cinema, sound, critical, shot, filmmakers, images, silent, critical cinema, ernie...
The Oxford History Of World Cinema (Compact)
Topics: film, films, cinema, american, production, silent, hollywood, studio, narrative, french, film...
The New Brazilian Cinema - Luci Nagib
Topics: brazilian, cinema, film, films, brazil, favela, sertdo, rio, carlos, brazilian cinema, cinema novo,...
Fine Cuts The Art of European Film Editing
Topics: film, editing, films, editor, erm, cut, sound, cutting, cinema, director, cutting room, film...
The Human Figure In Motion 1907 Photo Album - Eadweard Muybridge
Topics: phases, human, figure, ihc, selected, series, model, ibe, modd, ascending, human figure, selected...
Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick - Edited by Jerold J. Abrams
Topics: kubrick, human, film, humbert, philosophical, bill, alice, philosophy, desire, quilty, eyes wide,...
American Independent Cinema An Introduction - Yannis Tzioumakis
Topics: independent, films, film, american, cinema, production, studio, studios, distribution, hollywood,...
Aim for the Heart The Films of Clint Eastwood
Topics: eastwood, westerns, leone, fistful, tuco, xxxi, hogan, sara, mexican, cleef, van cleef, angel eyes,...
Transparencies on Film - Theodor W. Adorno
Topics: film, theodor, culture, transparencies, art, adorno, jstor, industry, aesthetic, empirical, culture...
The Resurrection of the body - Peir Paolo Passolini
Topics: pasolini, carlo, scene, saint, paul, sodom, sexual, petrolio, chapter, homosexual, saint paul, pier...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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Women In Indian Cinema
Topics: indian, women, films, cinema, film, female, cultural, hindi, gaze, parmar, indian cinema, social...
Post Pop Cinema - The Search for Meaning in New American Film
Topics: movie, anderson, film, haynes, linklater, movies, cinema, characters, films, gondry, paul thomas,...
Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance - Volume 1 Issue 2
Topics: superman, adaptation, film, comic, producers, adaptations, samurai, narrative, broadway, movie,...
Historical Poetics of Cinema - David Bordwell
Topics: poetics, theory, slab, film, cinematic, historical, bordwell, cinema, concepts, university, slab...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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Being Hal Ashby
Topics: ashby, hal, film, interview, jewison, los, editing, angeles, script, hal ashby, telephone...
Australian Cinema After Mabo - Felicity Collins & Therese Davis
Topics: australian, film, aboriginal, films, mabo, cinema, cultural, identity, national, indigenous,...
Generation Multiplex - The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema
Topics: youth, films, film, teen, american, teens, school, multiplex, generation, horror, high school,...
Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema - Volume 2 Issue 2
Topics: film, cinema, russian, soviet, shamara, dvd, sokurov, films, female, romm, soviet cinema, ordinary...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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A Companion to Luis Bunuel
Topics: bunuel, luis, bourgeois, sexual, surrealist, films, gwynne, chien, film, bourgeoisie, gwynne...
Studies in European Cinema - Volume 4 Issue 3
Topics: film, cinema, reno, murnau, polish, gegen, feminist, multiculturalism, cinematic, films, gegen die,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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Grizzly Man
Topics: herzog, friedrich, grizzly, werner, treadwell, caspar, timothy, documentary, truth, ecstatic,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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American Cinema of the 1910s
Topics: film, films, movies, american, filn, picture, war, griffith, labor, motion picture, civil war,...
Japanese Cinema - Film Style And National Character - Donald Richie
Topics: japanese, film, films, cinema, kurosawa, japan, traditional, ozu, fihn, directors, japanese cinema,...
British Cinema of the 1950s - A Celebration - Ian Mackilop & Neil Sinyard
Topics: film, films, british, cinema, festival, hamer, losey, anderson, tempean, charles, british cinema,...
Studies in French Cinema - Volume 8 Issue 2
Topics: batcheff, digital, film, cinema, godard, french, cleo, amelie, surrealist, narrative, french...
The New German Cinema - Music History And The Matter Of Style - Caryl Flinn
Topics: german, film, music, kluge, historical, kitsch, history, camp, cinema, films, german cinema,...
Journal of Chinese Cinemas - Volume 2 Issue 1
Topics: chinese, film, hong, transnational, films, cinema, china, kong, malaysian, cultural, hong kong,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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French New Wave
Topics: film, godard, wave, wiegand, truffaut, les, french, directed, dvd, une, chris wiegand, une femme,...
Reconstructing American Historical Cinema - From Cimarron To Citizen Kane - J. E. Smyth
Topics: historical, american, film, hollywood, history, lincoln, zanuck, warner, war, films, american...
Three Philosophical Filmmakers - Hitchcock, Welles, Renoir
Topics: welles, hitchcock, renoir, filmmakers, philosophical, orson, film, camera, cinematic, movie, three...
Psychoanalysis And Cinema - The Imaginary Discourse - Charles F. Altman
Topics: film, mirror, imaginary, image, cinema, metz, psychoanalytic, kuntzel, dream, metaphor,...
La Grande Illusion - French Film Guide
Topics: renoir, grande, films, popular, film, french, illusion, contexts, appendbc, creative, popular...
Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema - Volume 1 Issue 1
Topics: korean, film, japanese, cinema, korea, kim, films, cultural, colonial, arirang, korean film, south...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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The War Films
Topics: war, genre, film, american, films, vietnam, combat, hollywood, enemy, cinema, war film, genre...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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Memory and Popular Film
Topics: memory, film, cultural, historical, history, hollywood, films, cinema, american, memories, civil...
Studies in Australasian Cinema - Volume 1 Issue 3
Topics: cinema, films, film, australian, greek, regional, screened, audience, snowtown, cultural, birch...
The Soundtrack - Volume 1 Issue 1
Topics: sound, film, music, soundtrack, coen, dialogue, musical, audio, arizona, films, sound effects,...
Once Upon a Time in the Italian West
Topics: fistful, leone, stranger, eastwood, sergio, dollars, ringo, credits, inspiration, resume, shooting...
Narration In Cinema Mimetic Theories Of Narration - David Bordwell
Topics: perspective, mimetic, theater, narration, eisenstein, camera, theories, theory, observer, lubbock,...
The West in Early Cinema - After the Beginning - Nanna Verhoeff
Topics: film, films, cinema, west, cultural, historical, early, genre, western, indian, early cinema,...
From Moscow To Madrid - Postmodern Cities European Cinema - Ewa Mazierska & Laura Rascaroli
Topics: films, city, postmodern, film, berlin, blackpool, urban, cinema, madrid, cinematic, postcommunist...
A History of Matte Painting in Movies
Topics: layer, brush, july, issue, painting, colours, hair, digital, image, color, adobe photoshop, window...
Stagecoach to Tombstone - The Filmgoers Guide to the Great Westerns
Topics: ford, wyatt, stagecoach, tombstone, john, doc, apache, xxi, clementine, earp, darling clementine,...
Documentary in the Digital Age
Topics: film, documentary, chapter, festival, films, international, sean, camera, langan, errol,...
Herr Lubitsch Comes to hollywood
Topics: lubitsch, hollywood, german, films, film, shot, lighting, die, scene, editing, kristin thompson,...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
eye 304
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Survey of World Cinema
Topics: film, cinema, films, survey, american, hollywood, dramatic, directed, camera, visual, american...
Folkscanomy: Books on Film and Cinema
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The Films of Ingmar Bergman
Topics: bergman, abandonment, turning, spiritual, moral, humiliation, films, shame, smiles, wild, wild...
New Cinemas Journal of Contemporary Film - Volume 6 Issue 1
Topics: film, moro, cinema, holocaust, films, resort, sonderkommando, narration, italian, images, grey...
Theory of the Film - Bela Balazs
Topics: film, art, sound, silent, human, visual, scene, artistic, expression, camera, sound film, silent...